Meet Your Management Team:
Suzanne Sinoracki
Association Manager
984-220-8673 (Leave a message and I will return your call)
Justine Dunston
Community Service Administrator
Dawn Dowler- Operation Manager (over the CSA’s) Click here
Bonita “Bonnie” Giles- Area Manager-  Click Here
Timothy Snowden- Regional Vice President- Click Here
Community Shindig!!
Who do I reach out to with questions
Community Service Administrator
Architectural Applications
Violation Questions
General Questions 
Community Rules
Change of address or account information
Balance or account questions

Realtor/Lender Questions
Please refer your realtor to the realtor disclosure form and to  If you need further assistance contact Your Community Service Admin.
BEFORE VISITING OUR OFFICE...Please call a member of your management team to schedule an appointment to ensure there will be someone to assist you when you arrive.  We appreciate the opportunity to serve you and your community!

    Access to Bridges
The first bridge was accessed by the walkway along Louisburg Road.
The second one is on the trail that is between Scotch and Speight and can be accessed off of Neuse Crossings. 

Numbers to Remember
  • Police, Fire, Ambulance Emergency 911
  • Non-Emergency Police Dispatch Numbers 919-831-6311 or 919-996-3335
  • Animal Control 919-831-6311
  • Missing or damaged street signs 919-996-6608 or or click it and fix it, link below.
  • Public Nuisances-  For issues regarding overgrown grass, trash or abandoned vehicles on private property, etc. 919-996-2444 or you can use the Citizens Service Request link below.
  • Abandoned Cars on City streets 919-831-6311 or 919-996-3335
  • Streetlight Repair (Obtain pole # before calling or going online)
    • Progress Energy 1-800-419-6356 or
    • Duke Energy 1-800-474-6300 or
    • Wake Electric 1-800-777-9898 or
  • Water or sewer Emergencies 919-996-3000
  • Discolored drinking water Report brown, cloudy, bad smelling or tasting drinking water. 919-996-2871
  • Citizen Service Request: App and interactive map for public to report issues like potholes, graffiti, water, abandon vehicles, street parking issues, sign repair, etc.  SEE-CLICK-FIX